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Teacher's Guide To Teaching About Drug Abuse (National Institute on Drug Abuse)



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Suprun C: Paying Attention To Pediatric Patient Assessment.  EMS Professional.  March 2013.
Suprun C: Managing the Mass Casualty Incident.  EMS Professional. March 2013.
Suprun C: The Cold Truth About Spinal Cord Injury. November 2007. Available at
Suprun C: Hall of Fame Skills.  Journal of Emergency Medical Services 32 (7).  July 2007.
Suprun C: in Limmer D. and C. LaBaudour: EMT Complete: A Basic Worktext, First Ed.  Ambulance Operations and Mass Casualty Incident Management.  Prentice Hall.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Brady/Prentice Hall, 2006.
Suprun C and R. Nixon: Not Kid’s Stuff Anymore.  fireEMS 4 (5) 25 – 28.
Suprun C: Capnography – The New Smoke in Emergency Medical ServicesfireEMS 4 (4).  April 2006.
Suprun C: The Pen Is Mightier.  Emergency Medical Services 35 (4).  April 2006.
Suprun C: Ladder Up – Ten Rungs to Field Training Success.  fireEMS 4 (2).  February 2006.
Suprun C: When the Circus Comes To Town.  fireEMS 4 (1).  January 2006.
Suprun C: Postcards From The Cutting Edge.  Emergency Medical Services 34 (11).  November 2005.
Suprun C: Cardiac Arrest Care – Out With The Old CPR, In With The New.  Emergency Medical Services 34 (10).  October 2005.
Suprun C: It’s All Up To You.  Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  September 11, 2005.
Suprun C: What the London Bombings Mean To You.  fireEMS  3(7).  July-August 2005.
Suprun C: On Air Anxieties.  Fire Chief  49(6).  June 2005.
Suprun C: Chemical Agent Terrorism.  fireEMS 3(6).  June 2005.
Suprun C: The Day After—Response to Nuclear Radiogical Terrorism.  Fire Engineering 149(6).  June 2005.
Suprun C: New Airway Products in the Fast Lane.  fireEMS 3(5).  May 2005.
Suprun C: A Road in the Woods.  fireEMS 3(4).  April 2005.
Suprun C: Baseball Hearings – Congress Questions Power Charged Hitting.  Richmond Times-Dispatch.  March 17, 2005.
Suprun C: Too Many Patients.  Fire Chief 49(3).  March 2005.
Suprun C: Recognizing Club Drugs.  fireEMS 3(3).  March 2005.
Suprun C: Pumped Up – Watching for Signs of Steroid Use.  Texas Emergency Medical Services 26(2).  March-April 2005.
Suprun C: Drills Every Day. fireEMS 3(1).  January 2005.
Suprun C: Treatment of Hobgoblins: The Medical Facts Behind Halloween Archetypes: fireEMS 2 (6).  November/December 2004.
Suprun C: Medevac – Critical Operations in the Air and On the Ground: fireEMS 2 (3).  May/June 2004.
Suprun C: Explosive Events: Emergency Medical Services 33 (4).  April 2004.
Suprun C: SWAT Medics – Tactical Emergency Medical ServicesfireEMS 2 (2).  March/April 2004.
Suprun C: Questioning Your Treatment of Tachycardias. Emergency Medical Services 32 (10).  October 2003.
Suprun C: Nerve Agent Attack.  Journal of Emergency Medical Services. 28 (10).  October 2003.
Suprun C: in Limmer D, Karren KE, Hafen BQ: First Responder, A Skills Approach, Sixth Ed.  Introduction to Terrorism.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Brady/Prentice Hall, 2002.


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Christopher Suprun was first published in Dan Limmer's First Responder: A Skills Approach, 6/E on terrorism response. Mr. Limmer continues to write, preparing apps for students seeking success in EMS.

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