Our Board of Directors

Never Forget Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charity. As such we rely on an Advisory Board to help guide our charitable mission and focus our efforts in the community. Our volunteer Board Members include:

  • Captain Michael Cocco Jr.
  • Dora Gonzales, Vice-President
  • Dianne Matthews, President
  • Kirsten Price
  • Donnie Roberts
  • Christopher Suprun
  • Jason Triolo

Every year, a nominations committee formally considers new members for our Board. Please contact us if there is someone they should consider for these positions.


Our board members and volunteers are regularly asked to speak to the media on topics related to the September 11/Patriot's Day holiday, disasters emergency response. Some of our work with the media is here.

Never Forget Foundation is participating in North Texas Giving Day - an opportunity for our local community - to help fund our programs during an important time of the year.

Latest Blog Post

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These links will help you navigate other disaster and emergency resources.